Whitepaper: 2023 Predictions For 10 Electronics Industry Verticals

From aerospace and defense, to consumer electronics, to medical devices and beyond, most industries today rely on electronics. . And as demand and supply ebb and flow, it’s often mission critical that supply chain professionals across manufacturing industries are able to source the raw materials and components they need to keep production lines running.

We explore some of the challenges and predictions each industry faces in a predictions whitepaper. Covering 10 different industry verticals in global electronics, our predictions are a combination of industry expertise and real-world intelligence, to give you a comprehensive view of where the electronics marketplace is going. Read on to learn more and find out how you can download your copy today! 

A Glimpse into The Next Twelve Months 

In addition to our own commentary, this latest whitepaper uses insights from Supplyframe Commodity IQ, a decision support solution that compiles real-world data on everything from lead times to pricing, industry trends, and more. 

According to Commodity IQ, shortages are expected to last through the first half of 2023 and into 2024 for certain categories. To download the full whitepaper, simply visit one of our tailored industry pages by clicking the link below that applies most to your organization: 

1) Semiconductor Manufacturing

On October 7th, 2022, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security announced new rules that restrict chip exports to China. This will undoubtedly result in heightened global tensions. Visit our industry page for Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Distributors to learn more. 

2) Consumer Products 

Consumer demand for sustainable, innovative, and feature-rich appliances is expected to rise in 2023. As pressure rises from this front, manufacturers in this space will need to reconcile rising raw material costs and balance risk with innovation. Visit our Consumer Products industry page to learn more. 

3) High Tech and Consumer Electronics 

The consumer electronics market has long been a cyclical one, and despite the disruption of recent years, this has not changed. After two years of non-stop demand, we expect the desire for big ticket items like TVs, laptops, and mobile devices to wane in 2023. FInd out more by visiting our High Tech & Consumer Electronics industry page. 

4) Transportation & Automotive

The automotive market has been under incredible stress during the era of component shortages and COVID-19. Thankfully, things are turning around in 2023, but challenges remain. Find out how the automotive industry is transitioning to electric vehicles on our Transportation and Automotive industry page

5) Industrial Equipment 

Industrial Equipment manufacturers will want to learn more about our predictions in 2023, due to the possibility of headwinds in the form of slowing demand and lower economic growth. Rising energy costs will be a concern as well. Learn more by visiting our Industrial Equipment industry page

6) Medical Devices 

The medical device industry is charting steady growth in 2023, reaping the rewards of a focus on efficiency and a wider distribution of care. The challenges of COVID-19 forced this industry to rethink their entire supply chains, and now they will see the benefits of that digital transformation. Visit our Medical Devices industry page to learn more.

7) Electronics Manufacturing Services Providers (EMS) 

We are tracking growth for EMS providers in 2023, thanks to rising demand from OEMs seeking to reduce their costs. As a result, EMS organizations will focus deeper on next-generation technology and talent. Visit our Electronics Manufacturing Services Providers industry page to learn more. 

8) Suppliers and Distributors 

With the thread of an economic recession in 2023, electronics suppliers and distributors must remain vigilant. Access to the latest intelligence on raw material pricing and the effects of geopolitical legislation like tariffs will be more crucial than ever this year. Visit our Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Distributors Industry page to learn more.  

9) Aerospace and Defense 

The aerospace and defense industry is poised for major growth in 2023. Despite geopolitical tension and supply chain struggles, new innovations are bringing plenty of opportunities to the surface. New technologies like AI, ML, and IoT are also transforming the landscape of modern defense. Visit our Aerospace and Defense industry page to learn more

10) Telecom and Communications 

The telecommunications industry spans several other verticals in global electronics, and it is felt equally across all of them. In 2023, 5G comes into its own, but it will soon be joined by 6G and the Metaverse, bringing new opportunities and challenges in equal measure. Visit our Manufacturers Suppliers and Distributors industry page to learn more and download the full whitepaper. 

Discover What’s Next 

Each of our industry pages allows you to download this comprehensive whitepaper and learn more about what 2023 holds for your organization’s unique space in our industry. Visit your industry’s page today to learn more! 

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