The State of Aerospace and Defense Across all Theaters of War

Bradley Ramsey Author

In 2023, the total size of the worldwide aerospace and defense industry is $855.62 billion. The U.S. is ranked first, with China in second, Russia in third, Saudi Arabia in fourth and the United Kingdom in fifth. With the conflict in Ukraine entering its second year, and China’s rapid ascent in the market, today’s global landscape is rife with uncertainty.

Today’s leading defense and military companies are focusing on next-generation technologies. including space-based defense satellites and weapons. In other theaters of war, unmanned or electric vehicles are becoming a primary focus. Among all of this, artificial intelligence and machine learning are also key focus areas.

In a new whitepaper, we explore what’s next for the top-ranked military and aerospace companies in the coming years, and how new technologies will continue to shape the future of warfare. The whitepaper examines these topics across space, air, land, and sea, focusing in four distinct areas:

  • Connectivity
  • Lethality
  • Autonomy
  • Sustainability

To learn more, visit our Aerospace and Defense page and download the whitepaper today!