Supplyframe Partners With Jabil to Transform The Electronics Value Chain

Bradley Ramsey Author

In today’s important announcement, Supplyframe and Jabil, a global leader in design, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions, have launched a strategic initiative to accelerate digital transformation across the electronics value chain. 

This new joint innovation effort aims to transform supplier and customer collaboration, sourcing, quoting, and procurement processes by applying data-driven insights to eliminate manual processes, improve intelligent alignment of capacity, inventory, cost, and overall resiliency across multiple tiers in the ecosystem.

This new collaboration will be an excellent example of how the broader electronics industry can reap the benefits of a digital transformation incorporating cutting-edge solutions with real-time intelligence. 

Reimagining What’s Possible in Sourcing and Procurement 

Supplyframe and Jabil will leverage AI, automation, and real-time intelligence to deliver evolutionary digital solutions to our customers that provide data-driven insights for key stakeholders. 

Supplyframe already offers some of these capabilities, allowing teams to make better decisions at the point of design that translate to smarter sourcing decisions throughout the product lifecycle. 

The combination of Jabil’s manufacturing, supply chain expertise, and broad strategic customer and supplier relationships, with Supplyframe’s Design-to-Source Intelligence (DSI) network and solutions, offer new potential to deliver on the promise of digital transformation that has been slow to realize in the past 15 years.

“Our partnership with Supplyframe is not just about integrating new technologies; it’s about reshaping the way the electronics industry operates. We’re leveraging AI and automation to create a more agile, competitive, responsive, and efficient value chain, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced market.” 

– Frank McKay, SVP, Chief Supply Chain & Procurement Officer at Jabil 

A Shared Vision For the Future of Electronics

Jabil has been a longstanding and valuable Supplyframe partner, but this new announcement represents the next chapter of our shared vision for what’s next in global electronics. In 2022, we showcased the power of our shared intelligence, and today’s press release is a glimpse of what comes next. 

Supplyframe CEO Steve Flagg reflects on our ongoing partnership with Jabil: “Teaming up with Jabil is a transformative step for both our companies and the broader electronics industry. We are excited to integrate our decision intelligence expertise to create digital solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the electronics value chain.” 

As we head into 2024, we look forward to sharing more on how this collaboration with Jabil can guide the industry toward smarter, more profitable decision-making across the product lifecycle, with improved resiliency, agility, and faster decision cycle times across all partners involved. 

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