Renault Executive: Data Sharing is Key to Stopping Supply Chain Disruptions

Data sharing that leads to deeper market knowledge among automakers, suppliers, logistics partners, and governments is the key to reducing supply chain disruptions today and in the future, according to the VP Supply Chain for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

“We have to expect more frequent and more extended adverse events, and the industry has to adapt to it,” remarked Jean-Francois Salles at a Reuters Automotive Summit in Milan, Italy on Thursday.

 “We have to simplify processes and speed up operation,” he continued. “Of course not everything can be shared, but there is a lot of data that we can share.”

Along with Covid-19’s impact on the global supply chain, automotive manufacturers rushing to transition to electronic mobility have been hit particularly hard by a worldwide shortage of semiconductors. The Renault Alliance expects to lose 300,000 sales this year as a result, with the industry as a whole expected to produce 11 million fewer vehicles in 2021 due to a lack of chips.

Proactive communication between partners is vital to understanding supply and sourcing challenges, but all of this comes down to having visibility into the global landscape of the B2B supply chain.

Supplychain’s Commodity IQ solution presents a connected and collaborative approach to market intelligence that allows for deeper visibility into the specific commodity groups that matter most to you, all while providing insights into emerging trends across the entire electronics supply chain. 

Subscribers are seeing  52+ week lead times for resistors, 90% capacity utilization of the world’s fuses and varistors, and a 400% increase in demand for automotive connectors, statistics that inform larger emerging trends across the industry, and data that allows for timely, effective, and agile sourcing decisions. 

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