A Deeper Look at Supplyframe’s Upcoming Virtual Roundtable Series

The circumstances in which we find ourselves prohibit any kind of in-person event, which has led to a surge of innovation in the virtual space. As we move forward towards the next normal, we welcome a conversation with leaders about the key lessons we’ve learned thus far in 2020, and how we can move forward with greater agility, resilience, and transformed teams. 

Supplyframe Executive Insights is a new roundtable series created in response to this need for real, genuine conversation between industry experts. As your moderator and host, I am excited to initiate these important discussions and foster genuine insights for both industry professionals and the greater electronics value chain. 

Beyond a look into the future, we will also look for opportunities to innovate today and drive the industry forward into 2021 and beyond. Click the button below to reserve your seat, and I look forward to seeing you there! 

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