Whitepaper Download: The Automotive Industry’s Transition to an Electric, Autonomous Future

The automotive industry is in the midst of a major transition. The traditional internal combustion engine is slowly being phased out in favor of electric vehicles that also incorporate autonomous capabilities. This transition effects every tier of the automotive supply chain, from suppliers to OEMs, and everyone in between.

In a new automotive industry whitepaper, we dive deep into the state of the industry’s evolution. The whitepaper includes three sections:

  • The challenges and strategies of traditional automotive manufacturers
  • 5 case studies looking at how major industry leaders are making the transition
  • A look at the public and private infrastructure needed to support EVs on a large scale

Readers of this automotive industry whitepaper can expect to better understand the state of the industry’s transition towards electric and autonomous vehicle designs, while also gaining a deeper understanding of how supply chains must evolve alongside the broader automotive market.

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