Supplyframe’s Dory Meynert Named as a Pro to Know by SDCE Magazine

Each year, Supply & Demand Chain Executive receives hundreds of nominations for its coveted “Pros to Know” award, highlighting professionals across the supply chain industry. This year, Dory Meynert, Supplyframe’s Senior Director of Market Development, has been named one of the winners in the Lifetime Achievement category

In light of this exciting news, we sat down with Dory to discuss his journey as a global electronics value chain professional and his advice for others pursuing a successful career in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry. 

An Interview with Supplyframe’s Dory Meynert, Senior Director of Market Development

What is your role at Supplyframe? 

As Senior Director of Market Development, I draw upon my 35 years of supply chain experience in electronics manufacturing as a subject matter expert for our Business Development, Customer Success, and Product Management/Development teams. 

I help Supplyframe and our customers architect innovative solutions to create resilient, intelligent supply chains and product ecosystems.

What inspired you to pursue a career in Supply Chain? 

What inspired me to pursue a career in the supply chain was the realization that it was at the heart of the organization. It allowed me to be engaged from the formative stages of product ideation through the product lifecycle to final product delivery. 

I love how the supply chain intersects product design, manufacturing, finance, and all aspects of business. The supply chain often sits at the nexus of a multi-disciplined approach to decision-making in successful organizations. 

What advice would you give to others looking to grow their supply chain career?

My recommendation for people looking to start or grow their career in the supply chain, specifically the electronics industry, is to be curious and develop a strong understanding of the spokes in the network, what connects them, and what drives them. Supply chains are dynamic entities that require continuous assessment and adjustments. 

Understanding which areas within the network require attention is an ever-changing exercise. Building solid relationships and staying informed is imperative to building the intelligence required for effective decision support.

Congratulations to The Winners! 

View the full 2024 Supply Chain “Pros to Know” winners list on the Supply & Demand Chain Executive website. 

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